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Strong Room Door and Frame

Manufacturer: Guardall

The KS-SD Strong Room Door is easily fitted to a new wall or existing building, offering the flexibility to establish your very own Strong Room in your home or business.


  • Commercial UL digital lock and keypad
  • Anti-tamper re-locking device on the lock
  • Hardened anti-drill plate surrounding the lock
  • External hinges with internal anti-pry dead bar
  • Door thickness 110mm, 12mm steel plate
  • Solid steel 32mm bolt-work
  • 60 minutes fire resistant
  • Internal release mechanism
  • Durable hardened paint finish
  • Universally hinged left or right
  • Adjustable frame to suit wall thickness

NOTE: All dimensions and weights provided are approximate, and are subject to change without notice.

Clear Door Opening: 1890 X 857
Clear Masonry Opening Required: 1980 X 980
Weight: 340KG

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Strong Room Door and Frame