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Key Safes and Cabinets

Guardall Key Safes and Cabinets are used for the secure storage of keys in a variety of applications to effectively have some level of security in any organisation with valuable assets, key or card access control is crucial.

Guardall Safes offers a wide range of key safes designed to store business keys, house keys, security cards and fobs.

Key safes are commonly used in places such as car dealerships which store dozens of car keys, hotels to store many keys and large retail, for each department to have keys.

Some people are not completely aware that key safes serve this purpose and select poor quality metal cabinets which can be easily broken into.

Our wide range of heavy duty key safes ensures you can find a key safe for your specific needs, from smaller sized key safes which hold 48 holding key safe to 500+ key safe offering serious protection.

Our key safes have hooks for your keys to be hung with removable panels, this offers portability to carry large amount of keys if needed.